“Y Yoga Movie” World Pemier @DNC 2008

Magical Moment

Hero Coin Democratic National Convention

Received as gift from soldier at LAX Baggage Claim

Premiering “Y Yoga Movie” at the invitation of the city of Denver during the Democratic National Convention, was truly magical. The amazing energy followed me all the way back home.

This is how it happened, while on my way to the gate at Denver Airport I saw this soldier who was deploying to Iraq. I went up to him to say thank you for his service on our behalf and reflected my heartfelt desire for him to stay safe and sound. I also gave him a copy of “Y” figuring he would enjoy the WWE Diamond Dallas Page in Falluja and Baghdad teaching soldiers’ yoga section.

I didn’t know that he was on my flight, but to my surprise when we were getting our baggage at LAX he came up to me. Tapped me on the shoulder and excitedly told me he had watched the film on the flight and loved it! He also gave me a coin he called a victory coin and explained, this is what soldier’s give to their heroes. We hugged, I again asked that he take care to be safe and then we were on to our very different journeys.

Thank you for your support of Y Yoga Movie and its message of a more conscious peaceful lifestyle helping to heal our fragile and injured planet.

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