Peace Vigil September 11, 2011 in Egypt

By Kerrie Guy

I don’t believe in coincidences. I don’t believe that any of us ever connect by accident. I believe that every situation we encounter & that every person we meet during our life time has a soul purpose in our life. I further believe that over time we can see how all the pieces of our past life experiences & encounters fit together as one to complete the present image we are living in our dream of life!

Had I not dabbled in yoga around 15 years ago, my life path would not have led me to “Y Yoga Movie” & then onto becoming friends with filmmaker Arthur Klein. Had I not dabbled in yoga & then made it part of my daily life I would never have realized what a powerful tool for creating World Peace it truly is! Had I not been in Egypt on that fateful day of Sept 11th 2001 I am not sure I would have been led to what I feel is now in this presented moment of now, my present God Given life purpose on earth which has again connected me to Arthur Klein.

This re-connection has very clearly reinforced my belief that YOGA is a powerful loving energetic key to World Peace. Yoga is breath & breath is life & as I breath I center in peace & as I am centered in peace, peace is all I have to offer life. Yoga heals, yoga realigns, yoga expands us way beyond our physical. Yoga reveals the truth of spirit & in spirit we are all ONE, & in spirit there is only Love. Yoga clearly teaches us we are each responsible for shaping our well being in life. No-one can do it for another but as one by one we live in personal peace & wellness before we know it; so too is all life around us!

I would like to now briefly outline how the universe initially connected Arthur & I and then how my proposed Mt Sinai Sept 11th 2011 FORGIVENESS – PEACE VIGIL reconnected us but this time so much more strongly as we join forces with one focused intent of burying pains of the past so that we can step into life unencumbered & free to live as one unified humans race in Peace Love & harmony. We both strongly believe its time to let go of the hell of the past so that we can begin live Heaven on earth.

I’m an Australian who lives in Egypt by choice or perhaps I should say by spirit! In the year 2009 I went home for a brief holiday. My daughter Sam who dabbled in yoga with me all those years ago had by then become a yoga instructor so when we are together yoga is quite prevalent. During this trip home the “Y Yoga Movie” DVD was advertised on TV & we immediately both wanted one & of course each got one. Arthur Klein’s opening words on the video relating to Sept. 11th struck a cord with me because of the way yoga had helped center him in peace after the collapse of Twin Towers which had simultaneously collapsed his idea of the world. That was powerful!

I had already known that if I was the least downhearted as I entered a yoga session I always came out of it feeling good but I had not even considered that it could overcome something as devastating as the effects of Sept. 11th! Yet Arthur’s voice sincerely echoed joy in its every note & his spirit was so open & inviting, so obviously it must have! I remember thinking if yoga has this great an effect then it definitely had the potential to rid the world of hatred & all related emotions. Yoga could heal the world – Yoga could center the world in peace! Was bending, stretching, breathing all that was needed to reshape our war torn world to a love healed world!

That was a fleeting thought which I let it go of as I got on with my day to day life with no more consideration until recently when Arthur & I connected regarding my Mt Sinai Sept.11th FORGIVENESS-PEACE VIGIL.

Arthur & I are facebook friends who had an instant rapport once we started posting comments & on each others wall. As I said earlier I believe there are no coincidences in life- I feel Arthur & I were destined to meet. If I recall correctly he added me as a friend as my profile states that I like yoga! I had no real idea who Arthur was in the yoga world but readily accepted his friendship as it felt good & I liked his profile picture! When I saw “Y Yoga Movie“, I thought ‘Wow he’s my facebook friend’. It was during my trip to Australia that he & I got to know each other a little better basically because of my daughter’s yoga connection as I am much more verbal about yoga in Australia. In Egypt I talk to myself about it as none of my close friends in Egypt practice yoga.

Since then we have popped up in each others facebook lives from time to time with the rapport as strong as ever. When I posted my September 11th FORGIVENESS-PEACE VIGIL Proposal & Arthur was the first to respond & offer his full support. He & yoga people have been my biggest supporters so far in this upcoming event which clearly confirms my original fleeting thoughts about Yoga’s potential in regard to being a World Healer & World Peacemaker when I first heard Arthur on the Y Yoga DVD speaking of how yoga helped him heal after that disastrous day.

My Vigil is for all people not just Yoga people but Yoga by its very nature & Arthur by his very nature – which these days is Yoga – immediately showed me Yoga’s natural pull & desire to heal where healing is needed as it breathes peace & love into life just by being Yoga. Yoga’s automatic response in every situation is to heal. I feel this so strongly that Arthur is meant to be on Mt Sinai with me on September 11th 2011. I believe September 11th 2001 connected us in a strange way as I was here in the midst of the Middle East & Arthur was in the US on that fateful day. He saw the effects it had on life there. I saw the effects it had on life here. We both know its time to symbolically bury the past & we both know the power Yoga yields to do just that!

As I have previously said, I believe that every situation we encounter & that every person we meet during our life time has a soul purpose in our life. In addition I believe that many of us connect to live out joint soul purposes for the good of all humanity & life. Arthur & I are not alone in our passion to Forget & to Forgive so that humanity can live as One in Peace, Love & Harmony but we both know that we are meant to work together on this project for the good of all.

It is time to bury all hatred of the past & to end all resistance of letting go of the pain of the past & walk one by one with focused intent into the dawn of new way of living as one unified human race in peace love & harmony.
Please join us.


“Y Yoga  Movie”  Filmmaker Television Interview

5 thoughts on “Peace Vigil September 11, 2011 in Egypt

  1. Thank you Kerrie for your inspiration and manifestation.

    Today January 5th, 2011 I Declare World Peace and i will continue to do so every day forward… Please join me Imagination, Inspiration, & Declaration!

    Please consider checking out this article and sharing with anyone who might enjoy the read. Also please comment and participate in starting a dialog… See you in Egypt on Mt. Sinai 9/11/2011

    Om Mani Padme Hum,
    Arthur Klein
    Filmmaker and Yoga/Meditation Activist

  2. Arthur I stand with you…
    I today January 6th 2011 also Declare World Peace and I will continue to do so every day forward…
    *The Peace that I Am is the Peace that I Be and the Peace that I Be is the Peace I gift to all Humanity!*
    *The breath we all breathe can center us in the Peace the World needs*

  3. Arthur, absolutely. May this happen, for all of us!

    I recently changed my Facebook political views toward an inclusive statement of peace and justice:

    “Humans are more alike than different and we should help one another. We should put aside narrow divisions of race, religion, tradition and culture to adopt a universal standard for human rights and morality. We should work together to end war, preserve the ecosystem and establish an era of sustainable global peace and prosperity.”

    Though idealistic, this would seem to be completely non-controversial. But unfortunately the right keeps pushing illusions like “peace through strength” which only leads to huge military budgets and more war. At the same time, the left refuses to confront anti-human religions and cultural practices that deprive half the world of their human rights. Both left and right refuse to change their lifestyles sufficiently to live within current ecological income. As we swell to 7 billion and beyond, we can see we are all part of the problem. And we could be a part of the solution, but many of us can’t get out of our own way.

    We must raise our consciousness, improve our communications skills to frame these issues in a way that people will respond. And left and right have to both come to understand the roles they play in keeping a world divided.

    This proposal for the Forgiveness-Peace vigil will give us the opportunity to go within and do just that.

  4. Sean I am truly touched by your words… Thank for being a bright light in life… I bath in the radiance of the Black Sun!