“Y Yoga Movie” 1st Download – Susie Anderson’s Beautiful Words

Thanks, Arthur!
I downloaded this over the weekend and watched it last night. I am sure I’ll watch it many more times, because it is packed full of YOGA! It was great to see some familiar faces…Erich, Dave Stringer, Shiva Rae, Seane Corne…
I love the pure and simple way the street guy (Andre?) talked about his feelings after getting into yoga. (“I got all this off of stretching?”) So many different styles are represented—from prenatal to tough-guy yoga—but it’s still all ONE thing.
I love Dave Stringer’s comment that (to roughly paraphrase) how do explain to someone that you started doing yoga and suddenly everything exploded into LOVE?  The blissful look on each yogi’s face says it all… Sweet ending, too.  One of my favorites: “Namaste, Folks!”—Erich Schiffmann
Susie Anderson

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