I Declare World Peace in Egypt Update

This I feel is a pretty fair account of the situation…Love to you all xoxoxo…. By the way I will write more as the numbness settles and clarity is regained…Today a sense of cautious calm is definitely in the air…I am fine I know Angels surround me and keep me from fear!!!! I only heard one gunshot last night which is great!!! I am celebrating as my 2 street cats survived my 3 week absence and the street turbulence!!!!♥ Peace and Heart Hugzzzzz Continue reading

Peace Vigil September 11, 2011 in Egypt

I’m an Australian who lives in Egypt by choice or perhaps I should say by spirit! In the year 2009 I went home for a brief holiday. My daughter Sam who dabbled in yoga with me all those years ago had by then become a yoga instructor so when we are together yoga is quite prevalent. During this trip home the “Y Yoga Movie” DVD was advertised on TV & we immediately both wanted one & of course each got one. Arthur Klein’s opening Continue reading

911 one survivor’s story. So we never forget!

Two days after September 11, 2001, I received the following email forwarded by a friend of a friend who escaped the collapse of World Trade Center Tower 1. After reading this amazing story I forwarded it to a bunch of … Continue reading

“Y Yoga Movie” World Pemier @DNC 2008

Premiering “Y Yoga Movie” at the invitation of the city of Denver during the Democratic National Convention, was truly magical. The amazing energy followed me all the way back home.

This is how it happened, while on my way to the gate at Denver Airport I saw this soldier who was deploying to Iraq. I went up to him to say thank you for his service on our behalf and reflected my heartfelt desire for him to stay safe and sound. I also gave him a copy of “Y” figuring he would enjoy the WWE Diamond Dallas Page in Falluja and Baghdad teaching soldiers’ yoga section. Continue reading