Y Yoga Movie – Peaceful Warrior trailer

Love it! The movie really captures the benefits of Yoga, both physically and mentally. I can watch it over and over again!

Arthur, I would like for you & everyone else to know about the awesome gift you have given by making, “Y Yoga Movie“! I teach yoga to women in prison. Every now & then I am allowed to bring a movie to the prison, if I can explain how & why the Yoginis would benefit from seeing it. Yesterday, March 18th, I had permission to show Y Yoga to the women. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. One Yogini said, that now she knows she can finish her time in prison, “one breath and one downdog, at a time.” Some said that they were blown away by seeing a part of this world living in harmony; different faiths, different cultures, different backgrounds, all practicing in loving kindness with each other. Some said that after seeing this they may even find a way to forgive themselves. Humbly I bow, Namasté, Rikki
Rikki Donahoe, Columbia, SC

Dear Arthur i saw your movie yesterday and i loved it so much. there were scenes that tears were in my eyes. it was very sensitive approach of the meaning of yoga and i was and i am indeed very happy that yoga changed so many lives and i hope that it will do the same for me too…you are so kind. Thank you from the bottom of my heart….
— Sofia Georgiadou, Greece

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