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Iris Tanz - Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel - http://www.fusionhealer.com

Blessings Arthur, Thank u for spreading consciousness through your heartfelt work and for inspiring the world towards positive evolution. This comes at a perfect time.... As an acupuncturist and yogini, I am beginning to lead yoga classes for my patients and will surely be passing the message on through your doc film. As a collective, we are upgrading humanity towards PWhood through a linked chain of divine intervention!! May our family tribe continue to grow
: ) Amen and Namaste!

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Rikki Donahoe - Columbia, SC

Arthur, I would like for you and everyone else to know about the awesome gift you have given by making, Y Yoga Movie.


Samadhi Yoga

Y Movie is great. I think I must have watched like 20 times...Keeps me grounded and proud of what I do!

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Justin Quinn - Boston, Mass

Arthur,This was a really fantastic movie! I feel so inspired after watching it and I recommend it to everyone! Thank you Arthur for making/sharing it!!!


A. Karno - Venice CA - www.akarnophotography.com

You don't have to be a yogi to love this movie. It's creator, Arthur Klein has made this classic, with his whole heart and soul. It was meant to be shared - with a lot of people. That\'s why, when stuck for a gift idea for friends or family, I always give a copy of this DVD. For any occasion, the YYmovie is a treasure. If it inspires the viewer to take a swing at practising yoga, so much the better. If not, at least they will know what all the ruck-us is about. Buy it, recycle it. Spread the joy.

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Tamara Aruj - Standard Hotel / Spa South Beach Florida - http://www.standardhotels.com/miami/

wow wow wow! in the spirit of completion... I finally watched your beautiful movie. what a gift! I want everyone to see it! and I can\'t wait to sleep, wake up and get on my mat! so inspiring... the kids, and all so good. thank you thank you thank you

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Michele - OR

I just finished watching the whole video - I am blown away and I am inspired to find a yoga class for me - I did it years ago but now I feel I am ready to do it again -

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David Lurey - Hamburg, Germany - http://www.findbalance.net

Hello Arthur,
I am a nomadic yogi for the last 5 years and currently in Hamburg, Germany teaching workshops. My friends, Yoga studio owners here have your video and we watched it yesterday. I was touched and inspired by the film and thank you for presenting such an open, balanced and muscially delicious perspective to the world of Yoga. Thanks for the work and spreading the word.
David Lurey



Love it! The movie really captures the benefits of Yoga, both physically and mentally. I? can watch it over and over again!

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champ98nyy - NY

This film will change your perspective? not just on yoga, but on the world. Well worth the watch.

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Justin - Newton MA - http://www.ultimatedonna.com

I can definitely recommend this movie to anyone who has practiced, planning on practicing, or even thinking about yoga. Arthur takes the viewer on his personal six-year journey in discovering yoga while incorporating the stories of other yogis and yoginis creating a true sense of how yoga is being used and viewed in the world today. From kirtan musician Dave Stringer to a new mother to wrestler Diamond Dallas Page, Y Yoga shows just why yoga is becoming more and more popular through their easily relatable, yet very personal stories. There is not much about the technical practice; Arthur mainly focuses on the spiritual aspect of yoga and how it can be a positive tool in anyone’s life. The movie was enhanced by stunning artwork by Robert Sturman and a great soundtrack featuring Donna De Lory, Girish, Dave Stringer, Spring and many more talented artists. Y Yoga really captures the benefits yoga brings to anyone’s life through accounts of others who’s lives have been changed by yoga. It really answers the question “why do yoga?” and makes the viewer want to start, continue, or do more. This is definitely THE movie to see!!

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Jessa Vallone - North Carolina

Thank you for creating this film Arthur. It really deserves a big audience, in my opinion. I feel the essence of yoga was delivered in a well-rounded and artful way, and that its potential audience is pretty large. The world needs to see this! I think some Bonus uncut interview footage would be yummy too, one day ... Wished it could have gone on forever! Love to see it grow and get seen, far and wide. :)

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Slim Chandra-Shekar - San Rafael, CA - http://www.magicofgayatri.com/

I am a yoga newbie and I loved this movie. It has inspired me to stay with the experience of yoga and to continue to have the exhilaration that I feel after every session, notwithstanding the aches and soreness that I am currently feeling! Arthur has done a brilliant job in portraying the magic of yoga through the lenses of a diverse group of improbable yogis! I am hooked! I can recommend this DVD wholeheartedly ....
Arthur, thank you and blessings to you.

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Jackie Robbins - Malibu, CA - http://LeatherWaves.com

Thank you Arthur, I so enjoyed watching Y-Yoga. As a 57 year old who\'s been doing Yoga in Los Angeles for 20 years it was simply delightful to watch a movie about our joined experience, students, teachers, friends, family.

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Michael Cremone - Princeton, New Jersey http://YogaAbove.com

Hi Arthur,
Bryan Kest recommended your movie last time I was in Santa Monica. I just finished watching here in New Jersey and WOW, you got it all on film. You captured the feeling of yoga on film! Amazing!

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Alan Lowenschuss - Naples, Florida - http://www.allow-ah.com

Namaste, Arthur
Y Yoga Movie is an amazing piece of work, thank you so much for this beautiful offering back to the yoga community. Our little teacher training group watched it together last night in Naples, Florida and the response was a resounding.

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Lauren Taub - Ocala, FL

i loved your movie because I found out how yoga means so many things to different people around the world. It moved me and i have recommended it to my fitness friends who do yoga namaste to you Arthur Klein - you have opened our eyes to new beginnings!

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Mark Heiland - Saratoga Springs, NY - http://www.yogasaratoga.com

Arthur, Thank you again for the blessing the world with your film and helping spread the light of yoga. Every time I watch it I find a new inspiration for my practice which now includes the completion of my 200hr training. Your film inspired me to pursue teaching by featuring so many yogis, including yourself, that are truly making a difference in this world. It also was nice to chat briefly with you via Skype before the viewing at Yoga Mandali and am looking forward to your first visit here. It's obvious to me that you are the real deal, and the next time somebody gives me the finger in traffic, I'm going to think of you and bow to that person in namaste!LOL! You rock Arthur! Keep being the light that you are!


Kate Rice - Santa Monica, CA

An excellent accomplishment with a powerful message and very impressive list of resources -- a plethora of talent! Great job connecting with so many that have such unique insight. Lots of love and light! I personally also enjoyed seeing instructors I recall from yesteryear still in it, happy and reaching out to others to spread the gift around. I practiced yoga at Germukh's studio with first husband Brian when we were just babies in our 20's. On occasion, I went to her home to practice (I think her husband made really yummy cookies sold in health food stores, if memory serves). She recommended a doctor who delivered my son Dillon into this world--a small world at that. Thanks, I enjoyed watching your movie today!

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Sofia Georgiadou - Greece

Dear Arthur
i saw your movie yesterday and i loved it so much. there were scenes that tears were in my eyes. it was very sensitive approach of the meaning of yoga and i was and i am indeed very happy that yoga changed so many lives and i hope that it will do the same for me too...you are so kind. Thank you from the bottom of my heart....

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Karen Score - Mandali Yoga - Saratoga Springs NY

Watching your truly inspirational film with our Saratoga Springs tribe was a profound sharing of something really special. We are so grateful for your presence and coversation following the film all the way from California. Looking forward to having you visit whenever you can!